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You can Call Me…Dikey

Coming at you hot from the southern music scene is St. Paul and the Broken Bones. At first listen, you may think this is an old Otis Redding jam. However, these are simply some dorky looking white guys who can absolutely WAIL. Beat boppin’, hootin’ and hollerin’, these guys scratch my soul music itch with their great jam entitled, “Call Me.” Take a listen and enjoy the weekend!

(song referral from Mrs. Jan Blumer…great selection Jan!)


My EDM tolerance is…Broken

Fall arrives and with it, less EDM. Yes, I am not only a seasonal drinker (whiskey in the winter, vodka in the summer), I also cut back on the fist pumping, heart attack-inducing, face-melting electronica beats. It was a good summer, but it’s time we move onto the mellow goodies. I just got into this guy, 19-year old Jake Kennedy d/b/a Jake Bugg. Fall into this jam and enjoy some bourbon…it’s gonna get chilly.

The North Sea – Evil Eye

I’ve been off this thing for awhile…but I’m back babay! Let’s start this delicious Labor Day Weekend off right with a little Evil Eye. Not to be confused with Eagle Eye or Pink Eye…you sick son of a gun. Go Hawks, Go Lakehouses and Go America.

Call me Nancy

Just a great track for a great Sunday. I’ll be looking forward to viewing these dudes this summer at Bonnaroo. Hard not to swoon will listening to this jam…enjoy.

Back and Ready

Daft Punk is back. No this track is not theirs…but the key point that must be driven home is that they are back. Over the past few months the French electronic gods have been dropping subtle hints via their website all pointing towards a new album/tour. This past Saturday they aired a 10 second clip on SNL with a funky beat no ones heard before. I for one, am quite excited.

Although this is not a Daft track, this song by Art Institute entitled “Metal Film Resistor” is massively funky and outrageously chill. Enjoy.

The Jaguar Shark

So last night I thought it would be a good idea to start watching “Life Aquatic” at around 10 p.m. For those of you into the movie, you know that’s one you can’t just watch part of. The movie is full of dry humor and hilarity from Mr. Bill Murray, and culminates with this specific song at the head. It’s a nice chill tune to end your week on. Enjoy

Golden Time for a Roadtrip

So here we are…the doldrums of winter. Last time I posted a tune we were closing out the summer vibin’ on electronic beats and scopin’ babes on the beach. Let’s just blame my non-blog era on winter. Post NYE, the winter brings us overcast skies, slushy streets and a whole lot of TV.

This time of the year always stirs up an immense feeling to go out and do something with my life. Why do I live in Chicago? Should I be hoppin on a highway south or west (or southwest) to get out of this cold midwest? A toad trip is just what I need, and the perfect tune for any road trip is brought to you by My Morning Jacket. Headed by Mr. Jim James, this song will bring even the worst of us out of the doldrums and into a better frame of mind. Get golden with it.


You Wanted a Hit…

WELL HOW ABOUT A STRAIGHT UP JAM!  I’ll be hittin the NorthCoast Music Festival in Union Park this weekend and have immersed myself in electronic beats all week.  This will be a big weekend, and the only way to prepare is with a big jam.  This one comes to us from our young Frenchman Madeon (he’s 18…whoa).  The track is entitled “Icaraus” and I think you’ll enjoy on this lovely Friday!

PURE Chill Heat

Chill Heat: (definition) a combination of hot heat tune and chill vibe.  One may say…the best of both worlds. 

Here we have a track coming to you fresh with chill electronic jams that was introduced to me from a friend of a friend.  It brings a Youth Lagoon type feel to some Hot Chip sounding beats.  The songs are a bit short on the album, but overall I think their debut LP album is pretty solid.  Album name is Summer Heart…which definitely brings some Summer HEAT to close out the last few days we have til autumn.  Enjoy this track entitled “PURE”